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With a new year well on its way, our Sydney PR team as well as our Melbourne PR team has sat down to brainstorm about upcoming makeup trends in 2017. Upon research and discussion, we have come up with different popular makeup trends that can be currently seen on social media. The main trend this year is: Glitter!   

Currently, many makeup gurus and girls alike have adopted a glittery makeup trend of what is called the ‘unicorn pop’ makeup. This includes heavy highlight on prominent features such as the cheekbones. colourful glittery eyes and bold glittery lips.

Glitter has always been a big hit in the Instagram makeup world and adds a little bit of fun to every makeup, there is no reason why this would change in 2017

 To make the eyes pop, apply glitter to the lower lids or a dash of glitter pigment on the eye lids to spice up boring eye makeup.

 Keeping the glitter theme, another upcoming trend are glittery lips. Emphasising the beauty of your lips, the glitter style is a bold statement. Adding a bold glittery lip to natural nude eye makeup will accentuate the lips, making them look bigger. Big plump lips are still the current trend on Instagram that is obtained from 2016 after Celebrity makeup icon, Kyle Jenner established the big lip trend.

Talking about a bold statement, red lips are always in style making it possible for you to start the new year with a fresh and trendy look. Red lips are perfect for every day wear and looks great on everyone while making you look more elegant and presentable.

To save the best for last a natural glowy everyday look suits everyone, and allows the face to look effortlessly beautiful. In addition to the glittery trend, there is also a big shift from bold heavy makeup to natural ‘barely there’ makeup. To achieve an overall healthy glowing look, search for a dewy foundation and try not to add powder over the foundation. If powder is necessary, only apply translucent powder to the T-zone of the face. Then add a pop of liquid blush on the cheeks to add colour and a nude gloss on the lips.

With all of these Beauty trends you can start you 2017 in the most beautiful way possible.

The post Makeup Trends 2017 appeared first on Believe Advertising.