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Public Relations, put simply, is the ability to create press coverage for a client by having their brand mentioned in the media.

Contrary to popular belief, PR / Public Relations is not attending fabulous parties every night and rubbing shoulders with celebrities. In short, it’s not the high-flying life of Sex & the City’s Samantha Jones- in reality, PR is much less glamourous and a lot more work. The top priority for us here at Believe Advertising & PR is to work tirelessly for our clients.

We have an in-depth understanding of the media industry and how it operates, allowing us to react quickly to current events by identifying opportunities for editorial placements for our clients.

Believe Advertising & PR can help your brand break through the noise and clutter of other brand messages by creating topical and newsworthy campaigns that stand out from the crowd, giving you excellent media coverage.

We work across all industries including fashion, beauty, business, lifestyle as well as food, alcohol and beverages.