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50 Shades Of Yellow

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PR Company Sydney
PR Company Sydney

50 Shades Of Yellow

It is time to let go of Christian Grey and the hysteria around 50 Shades Of Grey. Let’s focus on 50 Shades of Yellow instead. Yellow is the colour that shines on every catwalk this season and all major fashions designers out there has a wide range of yellow in their collections this year.

Here at our Sydney PR Agency‘s fashion department we are very happy that yellow is one of the colours this year. With autumn right around the corner, yellow is the perfect colour to bright up any day.  On the 74th Annual Golden Globes the trend of bright yellow made a stunning appearance and was an overall theme at the gala. Many celebrities wore the colour like Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, Viola Davis and Maisie Williams.

Yellow shares the spotlight with this year’s colour Greenery, but how did yellow make it into the spotlight? Well, yellow shares its soul with greenery and is a part of the green and yellow palette. Greenery is supposed to reflect the change of a greener world, and yellow stands for the organic part in the puzzle. The fashion industry has a lot of pressure with being organic and fair trade and yellow makes a mark that the industry is changing towards a more organic and fair trade one.

No matter your skin tone, yellow is the way to go. There is an option for everyone out there, all major fashion brands are hooked on the trend and have a wide range of different shades. If you think you can’t wear the colour? Think again, yellow will make any skin tone shine and pop, dark or pale. Dress yourself in the shades of the sun and let your outfit bring energy to any room. From punchy lemon to soft canary, all the variants of the colour is right in 2017.

Yellow stands for brightness, focus and encouragement. When you would like to express yourself and show your happy self, yellow is the perfect colour. A sparky colour like yellow can be hard to match, our tips is to focus on either accessories that pops or brightens up your outfit or choose a pale yellow tone as a theme through a whole outfit.

PR Company Sydney

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